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Karina Flores Soprano

Serious opera in Klosterneuburg Abbey

"La Forza del Destino", or "The Power of Fate", is not exactly a happy opera. The family constellation a la Verdi is bloody, but still ensures full audience ranks today - also at the premiere in Klosterneuburg Abbey.

Karina Flores Soprano

Die Presse


Oper Klosterneuburg: "We let it rip" Film director Julian Pölsler stages Verdi's “The Power of Fate”, Karina Flores sings the leading role. A conversation about bad luck on stage, war scenes that the fire police have to approve, love and politics.

Weiner Zeitung


"The power of fate" brings the Klosterneuburg opera a triumph


Karina Flores (Leonora) with an incredibly beautiful "Pace" aria.


Karina Flores Soprano
Karina Flores Soprano


Verdi's power of fate in Klosterneuburg



Final spurt for the opera preparations The cast cast by Artistic Director Michael Garschall is also partly already well known in Klosterneuburg. Chamber singer Walter Fink can be seen as Donna Leonora's father, Marchese de Calatrava. The pair of lovers, afflicted by his curse and fate, is sung by Karina Flores (Donna Leonora) and Zurab Zurabishvili (Don Álvaro) - the latter being hailed as Canio / Pagliacci (2016) and Hoffmann / Hoffmanns Erzählungen (2019) in Klosterneuburg.


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