Karina Flores Soprano

Karina Flores is an operatic soprano known for her wide-ranging voice and theatrical performances. Her voice is feminine and important for volume and possesses a rich full voice, with a dark timbre and intense volume, brought by dynamic and effective music accent to highlight the tragic nature of opera singing.

Karina Flores Soprano
Trio Verona Lirica & Karina Flores
Sep 28, 7:00 PM
Bad Schallerbach

La Forza del Destino

by Giuseppe Verdi

July 2021

The beauty lies in the contradictions, in joie de vivre and transience.

In eros and death.

A shot and the curse of the dying father not only destroy the lives of the two lovers. For years on the run from each other and driven to escape their fate, they are heading for a catastrophe ...

No other work by Verdi knows how to show the contrasts of life so excellently!

An opera highlight directed by the award-winning film and TV director Julian Roman Pölsler.